Elle Aime Photography | 52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Thirty-Two!

52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Thirty-Two!

My dear friend Ayla Nero and I found a free moment to collaborate in a photo shoot in Colorado at the Sonic Bloom Festival. She looks amazing next to those magestic Rocky Mountains. Ayla is wearing a Warrior Within Onesie that was designed for her called the Wild Light Onesie. 
Week Thirty-Two - Capture Movement!
For this challenge we were working with the elements. It was windy that day but each time we went out to take photos the wind seemed to go away. Ayla used my scarf to dance with the wind. She also played with the earth and picked up sand to spread in the air. The sand was difficult to capture and seemed to cover her face most of the time but it is cool to see it in action. 
Click on the photo below to see some more photos of Ayla playing in the dirt. 
Next week's challenge - Blending Layers!


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