Elle Aime Photography | 12 Month Photo Challenge - Month Three

12 Month Photo Challenge - Month Three

This months photo challenge was a collaboration between two very creative minds! My dear friend Deanna walked into this Junk Shop and amongst the trash she saw treasure! After coming to me with this idea I was so excited we went back together! She was right, the place was perfect! We must have visited two or three times before actually shooting there, checking out the best shots. The day before our shoot date we went in to set the stage. It was a well planned vision although nothing ever turns out the way you plan it to be.

The Junk Shop owner was totally more then happy to let us move things around and he was very excited when Deanna came in fully dressed in costume. I must say it was fun to walk down the street with her and see the reactions from people as we pass them by. We even stopped at a little garden and snapped some photos thru a mirror only to find that other people had stopped to take pictures as well! 

I did not bring any light with me to the shoot. It was such a tight squeeze it would have been difficult to set up the strobe lights. But we did bounce the available light we could find. I must say that that was the most challenging part of the day. Finding the light. There was always a spot in my photo that did not get any light at all but luckily you can fix it up in post. I had a very strong man hold my bounce for me!!! Thanks Dan! He is the best light guy ever!


 Click on the link below to see the video from the shoot!


Junk Shop


I am very happy with the photos. We got some fun impromptu shots outside too just playing with things in our environment. The car and the phone were sweet extras from the day. This Junk Shop is like an adult toy store! Its right on San Pablo and 61st! Guaranteed to find treasure!



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