ElleAimePhotographybyLeahMarie-1-2ElleAimePhotographybyLeahMarie-1-2 Eclective Studios

The Eclective Studio is a collaborative live work loft space with a mind and heart of its own. It has an artsy feel with a bohemian nature. Glass jars line the kitchen shelves and is perfect for healthy cooking and entertaining. No walls are left white and reminds visitors of circus inspired tents and brightly colored carnivals. The doors open into a small and cozy gallery for many different artists to exhibit their work. The large open spaces allow ample room for workshops, meetings, rehearsal, dinner parties and anything else you may need a space for.

It it truly transformative and has many purposes. Elle Aime Photography is home to the Eclective Studio. There is also a treatment room for wellness professionals. This is a private space used for tranquil and quiet practices.

It is located in Emeryville across the street from a playful park and local coffee shops. The whole neighborhood gathers for movie nights and holidays and it is simply amazing to see so many friends living side by side. 

There are two friendly pups that inhabit this space as well. They are the life and breath of the house and definitely spend the most time there. They love feeding time and take many walks around the neighborhood every day! 

If you are looking for a treatment room for your massage or wellness practice, need a photography studio, planning on teaching a workshop or need space for your next gathering Eclective Studio may be your spot? Contact Leah Marie for more information and to schedule a showing.