Elle Aime Photography | About Elle Aime

Elle Aime Photography was created in 2015 by Leah Marie. After operating under Share House Photography for the past three years she decided to step into a new identity. 'Elle Aime' is a French phrase meaning 'She Loves' which translates into She Loves Photography. This statement can not be more true! Leah's mantra goes something like this: Do what you love and love what you do with the people you love doing it with and magic will happen!

Elle Aime Photography was born out of inspiration. Being inspired is like being in love, it can move and transform you. We believe that the best way to get inspired is thru simple conversation and getting to know and feed off of someone else. We all inspire each other here and when you book a photo shoot with Elle Aime Photography you will be our inspiration. Your story, your look, your personality and your heart is all we need to create magic!