12 Month Photo Challenge - Month Two

For this months challenge I had the pleasure of shooting in my amazing friends barn while she got to play the role of Mamitu! My inspiration for this shoot was a mesopotamian mythological creature who was the goddess of destiny. She had a goat head and holds the power to decide your fate. I am drawn to this character because I also feel like I am in control of my own destiny. Destiny to me is a matter of choice, not of chance. But I would like to honor Mamitu and assume her qualities for myself!  


Naturally after an idea you have to start putting the pieces together. One of my most beautiful friends at the pole studio had always told me about all her barn animals and all her gorgeous acres of land she lived on. This was the opportunity to make magic at her house and a perfect excuse to finally come visit. My long time friend Ian and I drove up late night to sleepover in Chesaray's movie theater and woke up the next morning to peacocks everywhere. At 7:00 am we were feeding all the goats, pigs, chickens, horses and peacocks. The plan was to start breakfast at 8:00 and then make up at 9:00. Nate James arrived just in time for breakfast and then got right to work turning Chesaray into a goat headed goddess. I had these amazing horns lying around that I was dying to use but we had no idea how to make them stay on her head. The decision to drill a hole in them and tie them together with ribbon was the best we had and ran with it. Success!


The most challenging part of the day was chasing the light. I found a perfect spot with rays of light coming in thru the old wood planks. But the light was moving too fast and left before we got a chance to start. I tried to take a light outside and see if my strobes would create the same rays of light but there was no chance. So on to the next spot which turned out to be even better. The light was perfect and the scene was exactly as I had imagined! It was my first time using a fog machine. Good thing there was a party store right down the street because I forgot to bring fog liquid. I do like the smoke. Is gives such a fantasy like feel to anything. 


 Click on the link below to see the video fro the shoot!




I am actually surprised how smooth everything went that day. It may have been a little too long of a day and we definitely had some starving people at the end, including myself, but it was pretty easy going and fun! The photos seriously turned out better then I thought they would and I had a great team that was really excited to be there! It always helps when everyone is having fun! I cannot thank my crew enough for the energy and creativity they brought that day! It was such a pleasure to work with them!



Hey Leah, you did a great job with this.
Debra Colecchia(non-registered)
Really love what you did, must have been fun
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