52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Fifty-Two!

My very LAST Challenge. I can't believe it! This has been a very long and interesting year of self exploration and motivation through photography. I have learned so much these past 52 weeks. Each week something completely new and unexpected happened. I now have a really amazing portfolio of creative an inspiring images and have a new appreciation for photography as an art form. I am feeling more ready then ever before to go out into the world and show off my stuff! It has taken me a long time to get here but it was worth every step.
I am currently running an Indie Gogo campaign to raise some money for the next year of challenges. The 12 month photo challenge will be another year of amazing projects that are bigger and better then these ones. I have a team of people ready to create magic! Here is the link to my campaign. Please donate if you can. And share the link with all your friends!


Week Fifty Two - Self Portrait!
For this challenge I wanted to see myself between the legs of a beautiful women. Wow that sounds dirty! I love legs and I get to photograph them a lot! So in reality there is no place I would rather be then right here shooting through this gorgeous pair of legs.

Click on the photo below to see even more photos from my last challenge.

Next Challenge - 12 Month Photo Challenge 


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