52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Twenty-Six!

Considering I just had the opportunity to shoot with a gun, I wanted to take it one step further!
Week Twenty-Six - Play with Smoke!
This shoot was one of many in a day long adventure with my Make-Up Artist Meka McPherson. When Meka told me she was moving to Atlanta we only had one day to make all of our ideas come to life. On this day our five visions came to fruition all in one day. I figured it was also the perfect time to catch up on some of my photo challenges I had missed in the past couple weeks traveling. I really wanted to play with smoke and so I brought out the prop gun again. The idea was a vampire playing with fire. An immortal being trying to find a way to end it all.
Click on the image below to see some other super sexy shots from a different shoot with smoke.
Next week's challenge - Mirror Image!


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