52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Twenty-One!

Babies are the most incredible thing in this world. To watch them figure out their new life is just amazing. I can't even imagine what they must be experience. All their little facial expressions and sudden bursts of emotion, it must be dificult to make sense of this crazy place we live in.
Week Twenty-One - New Born Photography!
I am so lucky to have the opportunity to shoot my neighbors newborn baby. I got to photograph Ewan when he was still inside his mama. Now he is out in the world and more beautiful then ever with a full set of hair. Being my first newborn shoot I learned a lot. The baby runs to show. We are completely on his schedule and breaks are often. You know it is about to come when their tiny little mouths start sucking the air. Newborns need to take many feeding breaks and accidents may happen especially when you dont have them in a diaper. It is very important to act fast and to plan out the next shot during feeding time because you may have only a couple minutes to get the shot. Keeping the baby happy is priority and can be a challenge all on its own. What an incredible experience! I can't wait to see this little one grow up. He is going to be so strong! His vocal cords defiantely are (remember we are neighbors and our walls are paper thin!)
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Next week's challenge - Recreate an old Image!


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