52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Twenty-Eight!

I have always wanted to bring my handmake feather mohawk into a shoot. So I built a theme around it. We wanted an african warrior princess and here she is, a jungle goddess.
Week Twenty-Eight - Bring the Outside In!
I used this challenge to build a makeshift jungle in my studio. The tall grass I found in my neighborhood and had two assistants hold it up behind my model in a fan to create a wild scene. I really loved the bright colors that Meka brought to the photo in her Make Up. And I am so proud of my little mohawk that I made. I also took some photos with my model holding a bow and arrow. This was interesting because I am not really knowledgeable about how to hold a bow. We basically looked at a couple of photos and tried to make it look somewhat real. But I am not very confident that it is correct form.
Click on the photo below to see the gallery. 
Next week's challenge - Wind Blown Hair!


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