52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Thirty-Three!

My next challenge is to use layers in Photoshop. I am about to embark on a few photoshop challenges so this is the first of many. I love photoshop becuase there are so many creative things you can do. Using layers is a great way to blend images together! I love the way these turned out.
Week Thirty-Three - Blending Layers!
For this challenge I thought it was appropriate to bring back some good old memories and use some of my very first photos I ever took in the studio. I took my dear friend playing on her accordian and layered music notes on top of that to compliment the theme. I also took photos of my friend Michelle reading a book and layered words and pages of books on top of that to continue that theme as well. I hope you like them!
Click on the image below to see both the themes. 
Next week's challenge - Timer!


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