52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Thirty-Five!

I heard about an art contest in my neighborhood and thought I would go for it. Definitely a Challenge! The theme is flora and fauna and the winners get their photos displayed on the bus stations in town. 
Week Thirty-Five - Enter in a Contest!
I decided to ask my neighbor and good friend if she would let me photograph her daighter. When we started planning our shoots we thought it would be great to speak messages of conservation and bring awareness to our current drought issues. These photos were very challenging and working with children is a little more difficult then I thought but it was perfect in the end! 
Click on the image below to see some more photos of Mica. 
Next week's challenge - Boys in their Under Ware!

FYI I did not win the contest. Incredible learning experience but I think Emeryville was looking for pictures of flowers and animals not incredibly cute girls presenting powerful messages.



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