52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Thirteen!

When this challenge presented itself I was super excited to collaborate with my dear friend Kati. She brought over her projector and we went to town. We stayed up way past our bed time and got a little loopy.
Week Thirteen - Light Projections!
The trick is the image. I was lucky enough to have the perfect model but the hard part is finding the perfect image to project. I wanted to incorporate other itmes and props that were white into the shoot with her. My original vision was to put white flowers in her hair and project green grass all over her body. That was a success! We also played with white balloons and white candles. Canldes are amazing but make sure you dont catch your modles hair on fire... oops. 
Click on the image below to see more photos from this gallery. You will love these!
Next week's challenge - Use a Location to Wow!


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