52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Nineteen!

Tripdychs are a series of photographs in one photo, or a combination of photos. They are multi paneled works that exsist as one, to portray a story. Here is my interpretation.
Week Nineteen - Tripychs!
I have seen triptych portraits of ordinary people in the streets and found them to be fascinating. I decided to capture extrodinary people with the same intention. The festival scene is the perfect place to find very interesting people. This was definatley a challenge for me because just the idea of approaching someone out of the blue and asking to take their photo was something I struggle with. I am not so good at talking to strangers let alone convincing them to pose for me for a personal project of mine. To my surprise it was easier then I thought and in fact people were really interested and willing to help out. I would love to keep this challenge going but here are the couple I had the balls to ask for.
Click on the photo below to see more photos. I hope the people in these photos get to see them some day! Maybe when I get rich and famous and my photos are everywhere? Bahahahahah!
Next week's challenge - Create A Surreal Image!


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