52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Forty-Three!

Bomber nose art is a military tradition and began for practical reasons of identifying other aircrafts. This practice evolved into a way of expression often constrained by the uniformity of the military. It was used to evoke memories of the home and peacetime life and was a kind of psychological protection against the stresses of war and the possibility of death. My favorite were the paintings of girls sitting on bombs.
Week Forty-Three - Take control in Photoshop!
I had this image planned out way before we shot it and it was going to require a lot of photoshop play to pull it off. The costume was the inspiration. My model bought the costume for Halloween and wanted to make use of it in other ways. We were planning on recreating images from the early 1900's 'girls on bombs'. I found the perfect bomb to edit in. We used a chair and the bomb came later. The rest is history.

Click on the photo below to see more photos just as amazing as this one!

Next week's challenge - Paintbrush!


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