52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Fifty-One!

For this Challenge my very good friend Roxi and I will be collaborating on the project together. This photograph is in the process of becoming a part of a painting. Soon you will see colors mixed in to her hair and all around her with watercolors and acrylic paints! The photo you see here is only the beginning of something even more amazing! 
Week Fifty One - Mixed Media!
For this challenge I wanted to have my model in an epic hair flip. My friend Anastasia has the longest most beautiful hair I know but this photo is a little deceiving. I actually took hair from a couple of different photos from this shoot and put them into one to make it look like her hair is literally weightless and floating around her. Photo shop magic! The choice to go nude was to eliminate distraction. I feel like clothing can be a statement and in this shoot it was all about the hair!!!

Click on the photo below to see more photos.

Next week's challenge - Self Portrait!


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