52 Week Photo Challenge - Week Eighteen!

Ok so if I was to call this a challenge I would be lying. The truth is the light at magic hour does all the work for you. The sun turns everything a brilliant gold color as it starts to set for the night and can turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful princess!
Week Eighteen - Magic Hour!
This just happen to be perfect timing with my new friends that I met at a festival in Arizona. Ever since I started taking photos of pregnant women, my eye is naturally drawn to the baby belly. I love it (and secretly want one of my own). So I planned to take this gorgeous couple out at magic hour when the sun would light them up just right! I decided to shoot through a tree branch to add depth of field. 
Click on the photo below to see more photos. Anika had a beautiful baby girl. We almost got to see them in LA but the timing was not in our favor. Next time for sure!
Next week's challenge - Tripdych!


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